File Formats Supported Εκτύπωση

Application or File Format

File Name Extension

Adobe FrameMaker versions 8 and 9 .fm
Adobe InDesign CS2-CS3 INX .inx
Adobe InDesign CS4 IDML .idml
Adobe PageMaker
Character delimited Text files .txt
HTML .htm
Java Resource .properties
Microsoft Excel 2000-2003 .xls
Microsoft Excel 2007 .xlsm
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, XP (2002) and 2003 .pot
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 .potm
Microsoft Visio .doc
Microsoft Word 2000-2003 .doc
Microsoft Word 2007 .docx
.dotm .odp
PDF .pdf
QuarkXPress 7and 8 (CopyFlow Gold plug-in) .xtg
QuickSilver .doc
RTF .rtf
SDL Edit (ITD) .itd
SDL XLIFF .sdlxliff
SGML .sgml
Software file formats .dll
Star Office
TRADOStag .ttx
WorldServer .xlf
XHTML .xhtml
XLIFF .xliff
XML .xml
XML: Microsoft .Net Resources .resx
XML: OASIS DITA Compliant .xml
XML: W3C ITS Compliant .xml